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If you are considering selling your Queens or Brooklyn Real Estate in 2018 here are some things you can easily do to help get it sold for the most money in the shortest amount of time.

The first thing to understand is that almost any property will sell if the price low enough, it doesn’t matter how the property looks or what condition it is in. If it’s priced inexpensively it will sell. However, if you are looking to get TOP dollar for your property here are some tips. First let’s start with the least expensive things you can do to your home that can have a dramatic effect.

1. KEEPIT CLEAN- It may seem obvious but I have gone into many homes of people selling their property only to see the property in a complete mess. It does not mean your home should look like a laboratory, but it should at least be tidy. I mean no clothes thrown about, clear walkways free from obstructions, carpets vacuumed and floors cleaned. Also pay a little more attention to the kitchen and bathrooms ( more on these later). If your budget permits, I do recommend a good cleaning crew. You can hire one for about $50-$60 an hour, a small investment that can have huge returns.

2. TRY TO REMOVE RELIGIOUS OR POLITICAL ITEMS- Buyer’s often purchase with emotions so a good rule thumb is to have your home inviting to a broad spectrum of ideologies. For example, a buyer might have a certain political view that differs from your own and that’s fine, but that might subconsciously turn off the buyer from even making an offer. Remember, the main goal is to get your property SOLD.

3. CURB APPEAL- Remember, the first thing people see is the outside of the home and that too can build a subconscious perception of the overall property. When possible, always have the bushes and lawn trimmed, garbage put neatly in cans and the front yard clear from obstructions and debris.

4. KITCHENS AND BATHROOMS- As I stated before it is important to pay a little more attention to the Kitchen and Bathrooms. You may have heard that that kitchens and baths sell houses and to some extent it is true. These parts of a home are very important to most buyers. If your kitchen and baths are older or out of date you might want to consider a refresh but it does not have to break the bank. Sometimes something simple as changing kitchen appliances or a new bathroom vanity can be the difference in getting multiple offers or none at all. Also the money spent on these two places in your home can be recouped when selling the home either by adding value in selling price or by the home selling faster, often both.

As I stated at the beginning of this article one of the most important things is proper pricing of your home. Price too low, the home will likely sell quickly but you risk leaving potential profit. Price too high and it’s a good possibility the home might not sell at all no matter how clean it is or updated it is.

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